Onyx Graphics Software

ProductionHouse is for running a "print factory." It is easy to use with flexible, powerful, professional tools that allow you to control your production workflow, deliver superior color quality and reduce production costs.

PosterShop is the solution for professional printers. Easily build highly efficient Print-only and Print-and-Cut workflows for a wide array of supported devices while delivering superior output quality to your customers.

RIPCenter is perfect to help you get started in wide format printing. With Native PDF, PS and Raster image processing and easy to set up automated workflows; you can reliably and efficiently produce high quality output.

Digital Factory

The First Rip Software With True Cutter Support And Industrial Strength PDF Workflow

CADlink Technology Corporation, the world leader and true innovator in vinyl cutting signmaking software now provides the world’s first RIP that has embedded, fully configurable cutter drivers directly in the Digital Factory RIP software.

Digital Factory now supports cutting functionality for both hybrid print & cut devices, and printers that will be used in combination with stand-alone cutters. A broad array of cutting functionality and tools are provided, which include variable cutter resolution support, tooling options that can be set according to stroke color, automatic registration mark creation for cut alignment, cut path sorting to minimize cutting time, and weed borders to help protect delicate portions of the jobs (e.g., small script lettering).

EFI Firey Software

Fiery proServer will help you streamline your production and print consistent and accurate colors every time. It provides the processing power and technology to process even the most complex files in the shortest time.

Print buyers have always demanded high-quality output and short turnaround times. For more than 30 years, EFI has specialized in getting the most out of your output devices and supporting your effort to provide the best service to your customers.

The latest release of the Fiery proServer brings the Fiery Accelerated System Technology (FAST RIP) to the inkjet market. FAST RIP is EFI-developed technology, available exclusively on the Fiery proServer. It results in significant performance gains, improving both the Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE) as well as the Adobe Post Script Interpreter (CPSI).

The new FAST RIP processes PDF files up to seven times faster than before, so you can keep your printers busy. The maximized throughput will reduce unneeded idle times of your equipment and ultimately increase your bottom-line profit. Plus, the user interface is still responsive to other tasks while processing jobs.

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