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Tuesday, December 3, 2019
Mimaki releases TX300P1800 MkII dual-capability textile printer

Mimaki USA, a manufacturer of wide-format inkjet printers and cutters, in October announced the next-generation TX300P-1800 MkII printer designed to double the opportunities for business growth with dual-media and dual-ink support.
The TX300P-1800 MkII offers the ability to switch between transfer paper for dye-sublimation printing or direct-to-textile printing on one unit, and also offers additional dual-ink possibilities.
“This model builds on the success of the TX300P-1800 direct-to-textile printer by increasing the capabilities in one unit, so that our customers can benefit from enhanced versatility in terms of fabrics, applications and target markets,” said Michael Maxwell, Senior Manager at Mimaki USA. “The TX300P-1800 MkII offers our customers the opportunity to grow their business with the flexibility to print not only on polyester fabrics, but also cellulose fabrics such as cotton and hemp.”
When printing in direct-to-textile mode, excess ink that penetrates through the fabric is drained through a platen with an ink-receiving trough. To switch to transfer dye-sublimation mode, the user attaches a vacuum platen to support transfer paper. It can accept textile media up to 75.6 inches wide or transfer paper up to 76.7 inches wide.
As Mimaki explains, the dual-ink capability of the TX300P-1800 MkII printer helps broaden the range of applications and markets served. It can be configured with three different ink combinations including textile pigment/direct sublimation, textile pigment/sublimation transfer, or direct sublimation/sublimation transfer. Mimaki USA announces next generation TX300P-1800 MkII dual-capability textile printer TX300P-1800 MkII users can also install a single type of ink, and can choose from direct sublimation, textile pigment, disperse dye, reactive dye and acid dye, depending on the application. All inks are available in two-litre ink packs, and are installed in the Mimaki Bulk Ink System 3 (MBIS3).
The TX300P-1800 MkII printer is expected to be available in November 2019 from authorized Mimaki dealers in Canada, the U.S. and Latin America.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019
Electronics For Imaging Announces Completion of Acquisition by an Affiliate of Siris Capital Group, LLC

FREMONT, Calif., July 23, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Electronics For Imaging, Inc. (“EFI” or the “Company”), today announced the completion of its previously announced acquisition by an affiliate of Siris for approximately $1.7 billion.

In connection with the closing of the transaction, the Company, which will continue to operate as Electronics For Imaging (EFI), will be wholly owned by an affiliate of Siris, and EFI’s common shares will be delisted from the NASDAQ exchange.

“This acquisition marks a new, exciting path forward in EFI’s 30-year history as a digital imaging technology leader,” said EFI CEO, Bill Muir. “With Siris’ partnership, we will look to create new opportunities for our customers, partners, and EFI employees worldwide. We are looking forward to working with Siris to write the next chapter of innovation across our growing portfolio of solutions.”

Jeff Jacobson, Siris Executive Partner and EFI Executive Chairman, added, “EFI’s portfolio of best-in-class solutions presents an exciting opportunity to drive further growth in high-quality inkjet and integrated, digital workflows. I look forward to working closely with management and know Siris is committed to providing the guidance and support needed to help EFI continue accelerating the transformation of industries where colorful images matter.”

The transaction, which was initially announced on April 15, 2019, was approved in a shareholder vote on July 15, 2019 in which 72.2% of EFI’s outstanding shares and 99.7% of voted shares were voted in favor of the transaction.

Thursday, May 16, 2019
Onyx Graphics has unveiled Onyx 19, the latest version of its wide-format print workflow and RIP product, at Fespa.

The US developer said the new release, which is available “this summer”, introduces numerous features that are designed to “reach new heights” for all print applications, including soft signage and textiles.

Building upon Onyx 18.5, it introduces the Spark Engine, a new performance platform built for major advances in speed, performance and reliability, and DeviceLink+, a new system of colour management controls to achieve consistent colour across an entire site.

The Spark Engine introduces advanced compression algorithms that increase RIP speeds by up to 400%, a new threading pipeline that improves printer performance by up to 200%, and new rendering technology that increases Step and Repeat performance by up to 600%.

International marketing manager Jonathan Rogers said: “With Onyx 19, what we’re trying to do is take the bottleneck away from the equipment.

“One of the new features is called printer isolation technology. We know that print shops are going to have an issue at some point, that a printer will need maintenance or that an unexpected event will happen and something halts.

“But with printer isolation technology, we will not stop the rest of your printers working while you fix the other one; we don’t want Onyx to be affected by what’s happening out of the box. So with this technology we isolate that printer, you go ahead and fix it and everything else continues as normal. That makes the entire production process easier.

“So Onyx 19 is about how can we take automation to the next level and how do we create toolsets that can allow people to go after these new verticals that they’re looking at.”

Onyx 19 is compatible with iccMAX v5 and embraces the latest Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE) 5.1 with PDF 2.0 support.

Customers can purchase an Onyx 19 software licence or upgrade from a previous version through the Onyx Advantage software maintenance program.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019
Mimaki launches faster flatbed with 2.5D capabilities

Mimaki Europe has launched a new entry-level flatbed UV inkjet printer with a new print mode, an extra printhead and textural capabilities.

The JFX200-2513 EX runs at 35sqm/hr in the new draft mode when printing in four colours plus white
Being shown to European audiences for the first time at Fespa this week, the manufacturer’s new JFX200-2513 EX is the successor of the JFX200-2513, which was launched six years ago but will remain on the market.
With three on-demand piezo heads, the JFX200-2513 EX runs at 35sqm/hr in the new draft mode when printing in four colours plus white, which is 280% faster than the 12.5sqm/hr top speed of the original JFX200-2513, which has two on-demand piezo heads. The new machine is also 100% faster than its predecessor in all other print modes.
“By adding an extra printhead, we are able to achieve and introduce new print modes at 35sqm/hr, which quality wise is quite amazing output. You also don’t lose any printing speed when printing white and colour simultaneously,” said Mimaki Europe senior product manager Bert Benckhuysen.
The JFX200-2513 EX also uses Mimaki’s 2.5D Texture Maker, which is said to enable users to offer large-format digital print with dimensional texture effects without lengthy file preparation for the first time.
The new layering technology eradicates the previous time-consuming and skilled process of needing to create multiple Photoshop files featuring stacked stepped layers for smooth expression.
Mimaki’s RasterLink6Plus RIP software completes the process in seconds by adding a greyscale image of the original coloured file in the RIP.
Benckhuysen said this process was “very simple” and that “everyone can do it very easily in just a few steps”.
This feature was originally developed for Mimaki’s 3D printing technology and Mimaki said it is unique to the company in sign and graphics printing, enabling users to offer printed textures such as simulated woodgrain and oil painting on canvas, as well as raised, high-visibility lettering for more traditional signage applications.
The JFX200-2513 EX prints on substrates up to 2.5x1.3m in a wide variety of materials up to 50mm thick including white board, transparent/coloured board, wood, cardboard and metal.
The machine can achieve resolutions up to 1,200dpi and prints in various configurations up to six colours (CMYK, Lc and Lm) plus clear and white.
Three ink types are available for use with the device – LH-100 for rigid media, LUS-120, which provides flexibility up to 170%, and LUS-150, which offers 150% flexibility and is more suitable for outdoor applications due to higher light fastness.
Usability has been improved with a vacuum-controlling foot switch, for when the user has no hands free and needs the media to be held stable on the print bed.
An ethernet connection is now also provided, improving the functionality for Internet of Things (IoT) connections, while another interface has been added to connect external safety devices such as a safety curtain.
Additionally, the system includes Mimaki Core Technologies, Nozzle Check Unit (NCU) and Nozzle Recovery System (NRS), for uninterrupted printing with no loss to quality if print nozzles become clogged or unproductive.
Commercial availability for the JFX200-2513 EX will begin at the end of June.

Thursday, October 18, 2018
Mutoh Wins Four Product of the Year Awards at 2018 SGIA Expo

SEPTEMBER 2018 – LAS VEGAS – Mutoh America, Inc., an industry leader in wide-format printers, was
recently honored with the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association’s (SGIA) Product of the Year award for the
ValueJet 1624X – 64 inch printer in the Solvent or Latex Ink Under 80” category, the ValueJet 2638X – 104
inch printer in the Solvent or Latex Ink Over 80” category, the ValueJet 1638UH – 64 inch UV-LED hybrid
printer in the “Flatbed/Hybrid Under $100k” and ValueJet 626UF UV/LED flatbed in the “Tabletop Flatbed –
industrial small item decoration” category. The competition recognizes the latest equipment and supplies
currently on the market that are advancing the industry.
“I’m proud that we won product of the year again making it six years in a row,” said Brian Phipps, president of
Mutoh America, Inc. “It proves once again that Mutoh’s proprietary Smart Printing Technology in our ValueJet
wide format printers are second to none making them best in class.”
Visit Mutoh’s booth at SGIA in Las Vegas, booth number 900 to see the award winning printers in action.
"The competition is bigger than ever, and with the additional 19 categories it encompasses even more of the
industry. You will want to visit the Golden Image/Product of the Year Gallery at the Expo so you can see all of the
entries for yourself," said Ray Weiss, Director of Digital Print Programs, SGIA


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